Pinkie Swear the Devil

by Windmill of Corpses

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Recorded after hours by Jason at Hooligan's Pub in Prescott, AZ


released December 14, 2013

Marcus- Guitar/Vox
Jessie- Guitar/Vox
Auguie- Bass
Prescot- Drums



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Windmill of Corpses Prescott, Arizona

We are a 3 piece stoner/sludge band from Prescott, AZ. We play a mixture of metal, punk and whatever the hell else happens.

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Track Name: Half-Life (Morgan Freeman)
Tear through terror
Timeless pain
Endless drain
Life of disdain
Life of disdain
The world vibrates, decays away
Teeth grind to nerves and septums flay
In a myriad of sleepless days
Houses built
Friendships of love
Morph into hate
Again and again
Track Name: Porklord
Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect
What a cute little motto
for a gang of fucking dicks

Walk the block for latinos and blacks
Violating rights as you stop and frisk

NYPD - 250's

Gang of fucking dicks
Mob of racist pricks...
Stop and frisk
Track Name: Calloused Fool
The excess hangs
And the winds of change are still
Better days
This thought may exist but the threat is never real
Lie in waste
Bide your time and bite your tongue
And pray, pray, pray
That your precious savior will come
Hidden in your fantasies
Driven by insanity
Sick to death we shuffle through the belly of the beast
Imprisoned by the metal, the iron and the concrete
Rotting flesh and excess hanging by a string
A light so dull it flickers and inspires you to dream
So utterly alone
And it only drags on
So lay my soul
Where the current runs fast and strong
Nothing new can be achieved
Agendas lined in apathy
And the weight of it all breeds hell
Calloused fool, your world’s grown stale
Track Name: Caddis Fly
Past hurts, insecurities, regrets, dead friends, they all kick blankets from beds in the dark.
They leave knuckled grooves on dry wall, and bring silhouettes of hesitant faces by the door.

The aquatic larval caddisfly create a casing from their surroundings,
they'll spend this phase of life hiding in dull rock and deadwood

The aquatic larval caddisfly create a home in weathered rock
and the remnants of the dead

But when the sun hits, red and gold and silver
Shout and glisten through the water
Shout from the shell of me, of sore memories
Shout from the tender and fleshy center of me
But when the sun hits
I see death
But when the sun hits
I let go

I've passed through a trout's intestines before
I've felt the tough leather scales of a reptile cover my body
Track Name: Between the Wars
In the floating quiet of hurricanes,
there's a soft sort of deep-sea calm
Silent but for the cracking cries of wailing mothers
Soothing but for the eyes of the dead

The pressure builds
Dogs of war begin to growl
Pale eyes -- eyes of the dead
Track Name: Hang Your Head (Poonshine)
Hang your head
Good intentions, not good enough
Now we are left with a grim distrust
I wish to hell that you would care
But now I know there’s nothing there
Saying goodbye with sunken eyes
Knowing that this is where it dies
Making excuses for feeling like shit
Accountable only to your substances
Shaking foundations years slip away
A habit too heavy to change
Past, present, future
All made of clay
They’re yours to mold
And yours to shape
Decisions are never that easy
No one believes that they are
But having all progress exhausted
Has blackened and saddened our hearts
The final stage and a grand collapse of self
Fall away, drifting too distant to help
Hang your head