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released December 11, 2012



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Windmill of Corpses Prescott, Arizona

We are a 3 piece stoner/sludge band from Prescott, AZ. We play a mixture of metal, punk and whatever the hell else happens.

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Track Name: I Slang Jenkems
Conditioned and controlled
I feel my mind seeping down my neck
taste it in my throat
and feel fucking sick

I let my guard down
now I'm covered in shit
drowning in filth
we're covered in shit

Ignored the signs of a bought life, a sold soul,
I fell by design
a systematic penetration of my mind
commodity culture has taken its hold of me

How do I fight
this beast, this parasite
that skulks in shadowed daylight?
Infiltrates in subtlety
tells me what kind of man to be
I'll be just who I want to be

Ignore their bribes
cleanse yourself from the shit we've been rolling in
they advertise yourself to you in a mirror of conditioning
Track Name: Between the Wars
In the floating quiet of hurricanes,
there's a soft sort of deep-sea calm
Silent but for the cracking cries of wailing mothers
Soothing but for the eyes of the dead

The pressure builds
Dogs of war begin to growl
Pale eyes -- eyes of the dead
Track Name: PORKLORD
Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect
What a cute little motto
for a gang of fucking dicks

Walk the block for latinos and blacks
Violating rights as you stop and frisk

NYPD - 250's

Gang of fucking dicks
Mob of racist pricks...
Stop and frisk
Track Name: Caddisfly
Past hurts, insecurities, regrets, dead friends, they all kick blankets from beds in the dark.
They leave knuckled grooves on dry wall, and bring silhouettes of hesitant faces by the door.

The aquatic larval caddisfly create a casing from their surroundings,
they'll spend this phase of life hiding in dull rock and deadwood

The aquatic larval caddisfly create a home in weathered rock
and the remnants of the dead

But when the sun hits, red and gold and silver
Shout and glisten through the water
Shout from the shell of me, of sore memories
Shout from the tender and fleshy center of me
But when the sun hits
I see death
But when the sun hits
I let go

I've passed through a trout's intestines before
I've felt the tough leather scales of a reptile cover my body